Bringing those closest to you...closer.


Social is an exciting new app that will change the way you connect with the people closest to you! Designed to promote in-person interaction, Social helps ease the pain of scheduling with friends, and sharing photos with your friends and family! Gone are the days of planning AND sharing through annoying group texts! 

Social is currently in development, and we hope to launch very soon! This is a preview of what's to come!


Quick Scheduling

Scheduling plans with multiple people is made easy with Socials calendar. No more massive group text messages for planning dates for dinners, vacations, meetings, or any other event!

Select your availability, invite a friend or clique, and send the invite! Once your friends participate in selecting their availabilities you'll be notified when common date(s) are chosen! Before you know it you'll be together at last!



Photo Sharing

Sharing photos with your friends has never been easier! Create shared albums that work cross-platform so all of your friends can collaborate. Schedule a meetup with Social and a shareable group album will automatically be created for you and attendees to add photos/videos to!

No more pestering your friends for photos after the meetups!


Social provides you with a clean, minimal profile that shows your friends only the most important information! View shared images and chats between you and your friends. The best part…nothing is public!



We all share memories with those we love. A dinner with friends, family vacations, a day at the ballpark, or that rockin' concert! All these events can easily be archived into your moments! Once events are scheduled they are ordered chronologically so you can reminisce back on your life as it unfolded.

Share some love by writing your friends or family personalized notes! Notes and events are only viewable by those who you shared them with, and can easily be found from your past by searching for keywords!  


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Privacy is our number one priority at Social. We want every user to feel safe and secure.

Discovery - Only individuals with your e-mail or phone number will be able to find you on Social. There are no public list of your friends, so see ya later creepers!

Content Visibility - The content you create on Social is only shared with individuals you either choose to share with, or people who are part of mutual events/photos. Your Moments feed is for your eyes only!